JOVO Group has been committed to the social charity and public welfare activities. Over the years, JOVO Group has positively participated in various charity bazaar and donation activities organized by different social charity institutions, and has accumulatively donated hundreds of thousands of yuan to subsidize a number of poor students to return to school, and assisted countless families with financial difficulty to get through the difficulties.  

In 2013, JOVO Group positively participated in poor student scholarship program of South China University of Technology. By setting special scholarship for the poor students who study in South China University of Technology and have outstanding performance, it reduced their family burden of tuition, so that the students could have good education continuously, give play to their intelligence and become a useful person early.

In 2016, as an important member of Guangdong Guangfu People Zhujixiang Descendant Overseas Friendship Association, JOVO Group responded to the call of the association, and spared no effort to fund the special Guangfu cultural education charity fund. Through participating in the charity bazaar and donation activities organized by the association, the group donated tens of thousands of yuan, and contributed to two public welfare projects of “helping Guangfu youth in study, and supporting the family that lost only child”.

In 2017, as an initiator of By Education green wing plan, JOVO Group positively participated in financing the initial capital for green wing plan, and contributed tens of thousands of yuan as the initial capital of the project. Meanwhile, the group participated in the donation activity held by Education for poor students in Yunnan. The group donated poverty relief supplies to the poor students in Yunnan Lushi Middle School, which made students feel the care from the society, have full confidence to the future, and determine to become a successful person.

On September 23, 2017, By Education Fund Charity learning assistance activity initiated by JOVO was undertaken in Yudu, Jiangxi. Through By Education Fund, Jiangxi JOVO Energy Co., Ltd. donated RMB 200,000 to Shangou Primary School for the purpose of infrastructure construction and improvement, and gifted the school supplies to students on the spot. 




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