Provide one-stop industrial energy solution

1、In addition to providing customers with high quality gas sources, they can also provide warehousing services, logistics and distribution services for customers.。

2、JOVO professional operations team, rich gasification stations, power plants, industrial supply, gas station and other operational management experience, for the partners to provide technical guidance services, gas gasification station, safety training, operations management and other services; at the same time, JOVO in international procurement, energy investment has a wealth of experience, can provide financial as a partner, energy procurement, energy investment consulting services.

Indsutrial customer 5S service standard

JOVO strictly implements 5s service standard (advanced safety operation standard, leading integrated equipment installation and operation standard, stable and high-quality gas source supply standard, individual service standard and energy-saving technical standard), and is praised by customers.

  • 1、JOVO service 5s standard
  • 2、Uniform safety operation standard
  • 3、Energy-saving technical standard
  • 4、Individual service standard
  • 5、Stable gas source supply with superior quality and inexpensive price
  • 6、The leading integrated installation and operation system

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