A Historical Milestone of Internationalization of JOVO ——Opening Ceremony of Singapore Carbon Hydrogen Energy PTE LTD Held Successfully in Singapore


On 8th Aug 2017, the opening ceremony of Singapore Carbon Hydrogen Energy PTE LTD (the company), which is JOVO group’s international platform, was held successfully in Singapore Suntec convention center. The company’s official operation forms a historical milestone of JOVO group’s international strategy. From this point, JOVO group will speed up the development of international strategy, and become a real international energy trading service provider.  

Guests Registration

Ms. Amreeta, the director of Trade Promotion Group, International Enterprise Singapore presented the ceremony and made a toast to the audiences. She congratulated the foundation of the company, and addressed that she would try all her best to support JOVO group in Singapore. 

Conference Address of Ms. Amreeta, Director of Trade Promotion Group, International Enterprise Singapore

Mr. Zhang Jianguo, the chairman of JOVO group, and Mr. Kong linghua,the general manager of the company, had made their speech respectively on the ceremony. Mr. Zhang expressed that as the pioneer of LNG industry in China, JOVO is one of the major suppliers of LPG, LNG, DME(dimethyl ether) in southern China. With the support and assistance from business partners and friends, JOVO will insist its mission to promote a low-carbon economy and to share the fruitful future; insist on the guidance generated from our core value of “safety-based, value-respected and Cooperation-Harmonization winning”; carry forward the spirit of absorption, profession and innovation; endeavor to develop China’s clean energy business and to create a world of clean and environment protection. JOVO is committed to be the leading service provider of clean energy in China, or even in the world. Mr.Zhang wishes JOVO can sincerely cooperate with all the friends, mutually benefit each other, and grow together with the support of "The Belt and Road" strategy of Chinese government to create splendid success.

Conference Address of Mr. Zhang Jianguo, Chairman of JOVO group 

Conference Address of Mr. Kong linghua,General Manager of the Company 

The honor guests from Chinese embassy in Singapore, IE Singapore, Singapore-China Business Association, Sinopec, Petro China, UNIPEC, Bright oil, Petronas, ENI, ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, Vitol,Trafigura, ING bank, ABN bank, ICBC etc. presented the ceremony and congratulated the company’s official operation with flower baskets.

 Close Connection of Mr. Zhang and the Director of Trade Promotion Group, IE Singapore

Close Connection of Mr. Zhang and the Chief Representative Officer of Sinopec South East Asia;

Close Connection of Mr. Zhang and the Guests

The journey of one thousand miles begins with one step. With the development of nearly 30 years, JOVO has worked hard and steadily, always built on firm ground, and won the opportunity to proudly to go global with the world-oriented far-sight. Let all JOVO people join our hands together and struggle together to create a more bright future! 





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