JOVO positively responds to the national environmental policy and the 13th five-year energy plan, to provide the clean energy product and one-stop 5s standard energy solution for various industrial enterprises, with the aim to be the leading clean energy provider in China.


At present, JOVO customers engage in power plant (Distributed  Energy Systems), glass, aluminum, hardware, home appliance, automobile manufacture, ceramics production, package food, and chemical and electronics industries. JOVO provides supply of gas source and pipe network gas, construction and management of LNG regasification station, energy-saving service, technical consultation and other comprehensive services for industrial customers. The cooperative customers include GAC Toyota, GISE, CSG, GCL, AGC, Guangya Aluminum and a number of /domestic famous enterprises.

Point –to- point Gas Supply

(1)GAC Toyota supporting natural gas supply station

In 2004, JOVO obtained the use right of land covering an area around 16,000 square meters in Guangzhou Nansha, Economic Development Zone, to construct LNG satellite accepting station and CNG accepting station, including 6 LNG satellite accepting stations and CNG accepting stations with 1.5 million m3. With such accepting stations, JOVO executed the LNG gas contract with GAC Toyota for 30 years.

(2)DME industrial direct supply case

At present, JOVO DME business has been developed in four industrial fields, including aerosol (vehicle protection and daily chemical), pure burning, heated board foaming and ceramics fields. JOVO also has established the strategic cooperation with leading enterprises in the industry (such as O-Disi and Shenzhen Rainbow).

Gas station

With the increment of vehicle holdings, the vehicle exhaust emission has become the major pollution source of air, and more and more people are caused diseases by air annually. As the clean and inexpensive fuel, LNG has been widely applied to various vehicles as the power source, such as bus, taxi, heavy truck and special vehicle. In recent years, under the great avocation of Guangdong government and attention of company management, JOVO gathers the superior resources to develop in traffic industry in Guangdong, so that more vehicles can be applied the clean and inexpensive LNG energy, and JOVO can contribute for air pollution governance, energy conservation and emission reduction, and bring back the blue sky to the citizens.

Since Jovo launched its overall operation in the Pearl River Delta in 2008, it has gradually developed vehicle fueling stations in Southern China including CNG/LNG stations, have been build and operate 20 natural gas vehicle fueling stations across China .

Urban duct

JOVO commits to promote the clean energy. In September 2012, the first JOVO urban pipeline gas operation project was launched in Suining, Hunan, with 30 years of concession. The project can supply gas to 30,000 residents and industrial and public construction users and 400 vehicle users.



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