Over 20 years, JOVO has been transferred from the initial trading storage enterprise to be the comprehensive entity involved in production. JOVO also attaches great importance to the scientific and technological research and development of new energy supply, sets about from one-stop energy solution, energy-saving reformation and utilization, and new energy alterative pan, and responds to the governmental call to establish low-carbon technology demonstration park and new energy motor city, and transfer the technical results to be the market resource with actual activity.

Utilization of Combustion/Cold Energy 

JOVO commits to provide a complete set of system optimization, energy conservation and emission reduction solution, including natural gas utilization technology (including utilization of cold energy and pressure energy), industrial furnace energy-saving reformation, share the energy-saving benefit with users with the contract energy management mode, and provide the superior and efficient energy conservation and emission reduction services for users with the contract.


The project is constructed inside LNG regasification station of Foshan Nanhai Guangya Aluminum Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangya Aluminum). In 2010, JOVO cooperated with Guangya Aluminum with the mode of investment on station construction, and constructed two storage tanks of 100 cubic meters in the factory area, with the gas consumption of 25,000 – 30,000 m3/day. Meanwhile, JOVO also cooperated with heat transfer enhancement and process energy conservation significant lab of SCUT and other technical research units, to design the cold energy utilization project with the characteristics that LNG regasification can absorb the heat and reduce the medium temperature. The project adopts the cold energy utilization technology with the cold medium and refrigerator agent of ethanol, to refrigerate the refrigerator and provide cold water for the cooling water plant, and then save the electricity. The project was completed and officially put into operation at the end of 2011, with good operation condition and remarkable energy-saving benefit. Meanwhile, JOVO shares the energy-saving benefit with customers in accordance with the contractual energy management mode, assists the customer to greatly reduce the energy consumption and cost, and create benefit. JOVO has applied to file as national energy-saving service company with such project, and apply for related national award fund. 


JOVO  Technology Patent

With a powerful technology R&D team and an experience of over two decades in the business, Jovo earned several patents in term of storage and applications of LNG. 



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